Community child protection in refugee settings

Community Child Protection Mechanisms in Protracted Refugee Settings

A webinar by the Child Protection in Crisis (CPC) Learning Network and the Community Child Protection Exchange was held on Tuesday, October 1, 2013 at  9:00am EDT (New York), 2:00pm GMT (London), 4:00pm Uganda.

The webinar has been recorded and the link is

The CPC Learning Network recently conducted two studies that were ethnographic in nature to understand community-based child protection mechanisms in protracted refugee settings and how these mechanisms link with education. These studies occurred in two countries, Uganda and Rwanda, and in two protracted refugee settings in each country. Mark Canavera, associate director of the CPC Network, will present the findings from each of these studies, including guidance that is emerging from the studies about how actors working with refugees in protracted settings can better support community-based mechanisms and ensure their linkages with the education sector.

Presenter: Mark Canavera, associate director of the CPC Learning Network; Respondent: Alfred Stuart Mutiti, child protection and psychosocial specialist at UNICEF, South Sudan.

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