“When communities hold the power and take the key decisions, there is a high level of collective ownership and responsibility”*

The Exchange is a communications and learning initiative which collects, shares and promotes evidence and learning for stronger community engagement and ownership of child protection.

We work with global practitioners, researchers, agencies and coalitions to share information and promote community-led child protection. We have a particular focus on East Africa and Sierra Leone and support two action research projects in Kenya and Sierra Leone (implemented by the Child Resilience Alliance) which are testing models of community-led child protection.

In addition, the Exchange collects diverse resources, including published research, case studies and tools, which support a community-led vision of child protection. If you are interested in learning about and implementing a community-led approach, please also visit our sister site: Supporting community-led child protection – an online guide and toolkit.

For more information contact the Exchange coordinator: [email protected]

(*from Supporting community-led child protection – an online guide and toolkit)