Sierra Leone: “Change That Counts”

“Change That Counts” Results from the follow-up study of a community-led intervention to reduce teenage pregnancy in Sierra Leone

Access the recording of the webinar on the CPC Learning Network’s YouTube channel here.

Dr. Lindsay Stark, Executive Director and Principal Investigator of the CPC Learning Network and lead methodologist in developing this survey to measure children’s well-being, will present the process of designing the measurement tool as well what we are learning at the second data collection point, nearly a year after implementation began.

Sarah Lilley, deputy head of child protection at Save the Children UK and coordinator of the Interagency Learning Initiative on community-based child protection mechanisms and child protection systems, will serve as a respondent.

This webinar took place on 15th October at 09:00 New York, 14.00 UK, 15.00 Geneva, 15.00 Johannesburg, 16.00 Nairobi, 18.30 Colombo, 20.00 Bangkok, 21.00 Manila. The webinar lasts about 1hr 15 mins.

A short background article about the Sierra Leone studies and the full accompanying reports can be found here.



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