What I’ve Learned with Dr Glynis Clacherty

Dr Glynis Clacherty

Dr Glynis Clacherty talks us through an example of an intergenerational child-led programme in rural Nshamba, Tanzania.

Over 20 years ago children affected by HIV worked together to help each other deal with the psychological and practical hardships they were experiencing.

Now, young adults who were once part of the programme support other children to run their own income producing activities and negotiate life together.

Episode recorded 23 March 2023

Dr. Glynis Clacherty
Researcher, South Africa/Zimbabwe


The Tatu Tano child-led organisation – Building child capacity and protective relationships through a child-led organisation, North-western Tanzania: Case study.

Interview with Kurt Madoerin

Mobilising Children & Youth into their Own Child- & Youth-led Organisations

A journey into children’s participation

Tatu Tano – a portrait

Impact Evaluation of the VSI (Vijana Simama Imara) organisation and the Rafiki Mdogo group of the HUMULIZA orphan project Nshamba, Tanzania


Practitioners in Tanzania

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