What I’ve Learned with Juan José Castellanos Piedrahita

Juan José Castellanos Piedrahita

Juan José tells us about a War Child Holland programme which has been working with a displaced rural indigenous community now living in the town of Quibdó in Chocó.

Through a community reflection on the risks to their children in this non-traditional, peri-urban environment, community members mobilised a traditional structure to help keep their children safe.

Episode recorded 03 April 2023

Juan José Castellanos Piedrahita
War Child Holland programme manager, Colombia


Ficha de situación – Chocó: Quibdó

Resguardos De Paz – Módulos Del Proyecto. Maach Thuejen Khun. Estrategia guardianes del bosque, un retorno a las tradiciones.

Resguardos de Paz – módulos del proyecto. Guardia Indígena








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