Newsletter #1 2020: COVID-19, Communities and Children

Our first 2020 newsletter focuses entirely on the current COVID-19 outbreak and unprecedented global efforts to try and contain this pandemic. As child protection practitioners, we’ve been asking ourselves how COVID-19 impacts children and communities, how we can continue to provide services and support, and how can prevention strategies be adapted to our contexts? Many practitioners might also be wondering how it will affect them professionally and personally.

We’ve collected together some key resources here which can help support strong community responses to the outbreak and help keep children, and the people they rely on, safe (and that includes practitioners!). It’s worth noting that we are all still learning about this new virus and promising community strategies. So far, there’s very little documentation of community level responses to COVID-19 that we can find. In the meantime, global agencies have been very quick to produce useful guidance and other materials, and we can also draw on previous learning from other infectious disease outbreaks, such as Ebola.

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